Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When he comes knocking

When he comes knocking, originally uploaded by Rigglord.
I have been struggling with this growing anger over people responses to illegal immigration, specifically the rising tide of racism that I have been reading on local blogs. I saw this beautiful stain glass window of an iconic image of Jesus Christ knocking on a door as a metaphor for the discussion around immigration issues. I decided to juxtapose what I have been reading against that image. Here are the quotes, typos and all;
Welcome to America. The most violent nation on earth.
I get a kick out of these people naming themselves "Jesus" "Angel" what a crock that is.
Do you think they really used the term "undocumented" during biblical times?
U.N. visitor!!! More like illegal imagrant!!! No more amnesty people!
The truth hurts, you Chili lover.
"Si, my head hurts!"
Whats wrong with profiling? If it looks like a thug acts like a thug its a thug!
You mean illegals brought it on themselves.
The cop is going on trial for manslaughter for killing a beaner. Period.
He probably wants a jury of his peers to be 12 illegal aliens.
Put a bullet in his head!
the average Latino is not smart enough for my standards. And yes, low IQ people (85-90) of all races are a burden on society. But we are stuck with them. There's no reason to import tens of millions of low IQ violent people who will always be a burden on society.
AH yes another racist from LA RAZA who is pissed off because his degenerate ancestors could not invent anything or contribute to the advance of civlization,
If he is so concerned about these animals, why not teach them the correct way to become a citizens!
Anyone else tired of hearing about illegal immigrants? America is reminding me of a roach motel.
illegals should be treated as the garbage-scum they are. I wish they were shooting them dead as they cros the border

Friday, May 16, 2008


Alex, originally uploaded by Rigglord.

Alex was a former gang member with the Savage Skulls which was at its biggest in the 70's and 80's. As time wore on he grew disillusioned with the Outlaw life and turned to religion as a way to deal with the pain and demons of his earlier life. His transformation was driven by the birth of his first son and his need to build a family. One of his brothers that I know of, Lil Man, was killed during the gang years and this greatly impacted Alex's life. We would spend hours talking about life and god as I hung out with Alex as he did security for the buildings that were getting rehabilitated on our block. At that time the Savage Skulls was transforming as well under the leadership of Commanche and they started doing security work in protecting the buildings that were being built or renovated.

The last time I saw Alex, he had a new wife and seem to be happy and at peace with himself.